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Pi Makina, which was established as the manufacturing unit of Erg İnşaat, has been serving the whole world today with the construction and construction machines it has produced since 1972. With its wide product range and high quality service, Pi Makina has been showing remarkable success with its activities in the field of construction equipment for nearly 50 years and with its unique solutions for customers’ commercial needs. Pi Makina, which has a total of 1000.000 m2 open and closed production areas in Ankara, has gathered many modern and innovative business lines under the same roof as a leading organization in its region with approximately 1000 personnel. Project, R&D, Test and Quality control departments, Cnc processing, Machining, Heat treatment, Painting and Sandblasting centers are the prominent units. As stipulated by the quality policy, customer satisfaction is achieved by using advanced technology with a continuous improvement approach and making timely and quality production.


Belt Concrete Batching Plant

Designed to be used in your long-term projects, Pi Makina stationary concrete batching plants are designed to be used in the ready-mixed concrete sector and contracting services, to meet your needs exactly and according to the nature of the work, then they are commissioned.

Trailed Type Concrete Pumps

In addition to truck mounted concrete pumps, towed type diesel engine stationary concrete pumps are also included in the Pi Makina product range. The 35 m3 trailed concrete pump produced by Pi Makina attracted great attention and took its place in the market with the 75.

Precast Concrete Batching Plants

Precast has a different chassis than other concrete plants with two planetary mixers in Twin type concrete plants. Thanks to this structure, it meets both your low capacity concrete needs and, if necessary, your concrete to work in conjunctio nwith precast concrete plants.

Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe Loaders, one of the latest developed products of Pi Makina, are also known as Backhoe Loaders. Pi Makina Backhoe Loaders provide both the comfort of the operators and the efficiency of the use of the machine with its movable seat, operator position.